Chicken is processed from the fresh chicken and raised from Korean and French standard farm.

 Chicken will be made from the time you order.     

 All the dishes in Ovenmaru are processed from the fresh food which are good for health

 Chicken is roasted in oven with 200 degree of heat to remove all fat



About Us
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OVENMARU restaurant is the Korean chicken restaurant which professionally serves many kinds of roast chicken. Especially, Ovenmaru chicken uses no fat and always serves fresh chicken, that is good for the health. Beside the roast chicken, we also serve the baked chicken with natural brown rice which is imported form Korea. Chicken with brown rice in Ovenmaru is exclusive, unique and special. Besides, Ovenmaru Restaurant also serves many traditional Korean foods cooked by Korean chef will bring to all customers the traditional flovour of Korea such as: Beef soup, Kimchi Tofu soup, Vegetable glass noodle, Tokbokki hotpot. One more great thing is: all Ovenmaru staff are friendly, professional. Surely you will get the great service.

About Ovenmaru interior design and atmostphere, that is a great place brings to all customers warmly and comfortable. Ovenmaru is also the best place to meet friends, family... or celebrate a party.

Moreover, when you come to Ovenmaru, you will get some convenience like: free wifi, free parking, free side dished (kimchi, raddish, cucumber, salad).

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